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Champion Lumber Company

Champion Lumber offers saw milling, custom sawing, wood treating, environmentally friendly ACQ treated lumber, as well as retail and wholesale lumber.  They also provide forest land management and timber appraisals.  They can mark, tally and cut woodlots and woodlands, determining the species.  They then take great care in grade and seed landing after cutting, providing diversion ditches, and ensuring the health of the soil, and any trees that have been chosen to remain.  Champion is committed to addressing the needs, concerns and questions of their customers.  Rich is involved in the details of every job, including the appearance of an area after timber has been harvested. See our complete list of consumer and industrial services below:

Consumer and Commercial

  • Timber Appraisals - buying standing timbers and acreage
  • Timber and Land Management
  • Saw Milling
  • Wood Treating ACQ
  • Custom cut lumber
  • Cabin and home siding
  • Bridge decking

Mining lumber

  • Lagging lumber
  • Mill blocking
  • Wedges
  • Crating lumber
  • Grade lumber
  • All mining materials - treated and untreated

Industrial lumber

  • Beams
  • Pointed stakes
  • Crane mats
  • Heat treated stamped lumber for overseas shipments

Our Services